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David Filippone

    Hi Michael,

    Love the title of your post, posed as a question.  I found this quote from ‘Sacred Dimensions of Time and Space‘:

    Space Teaches Knowledge
    In the warm openness of space, learned meanings and imposed purposes give way to spontaneous nourishment. Time’s rigid rhythms melt toward fluidity and flexibility, choices abound, and knowledge has ample time to see. Eagerly, thoughts and senses explore what space means. They discover space accommodation, ever endeavoring to open each point.

    Secure within the creative space of the heart, incisive knowledge develops easily and rapidly. The point of every point is seen, all part of the appreciation of space. All objects accommodated by space speak up, inviting: “We are here!” All appearance teaches living knowledge.

    Feel of Space
    In the house of being embodied, all can become space. Once we enter and abide there, the field-momentum of color, texture, and quality radiate deep vibrancy and warmth—the feel of space coming closer, inviting us, surrounding us on all sides, in all directions. The field fills with light that shines within all color and form.

    Nature, art, and music, and all creations everywhere, exhibit the beauty of space in an ecstatic play… The heart can hardly contain such boundless and intense beauty; the spirit can barely accommodate the richness of touching space directly and incisively. Yet once in the womb of space, united beyond barriers, being relaxes, free of any interference, any possibility of loss. Here is freedom. Here is home.”

    …’Sacred Dimensions of Time and Space,’ by Tarthang Tulku, p.64-5