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David Filippone

    I decided to include the practice here in the comments:

    ..this week we practiced a modified version of, ‘Dynamics of Time and Space’, Exercise 18 – Pastness Knowledge, that I call “Swimming in a Memory” or “Tracing a Memory”. The instruction is to [at least initially] recall a pleasant memory, such as sitting on the beach on a sunny day, or having dinner with friends or loved ones, or whatever you find pleasing. After sitting calmly and relaxed, at first you may recall the label you give to the remembrance, then images may arise. Since thoughts and memories are never finalized or complete, as an image arises, and after noticing what arises, focus on the part of the image that is incomplete. It may seem fuzzy, or dark, it may seem like a gap in the arising. Go into the fuzzy part that is incomplete, patiently. Do so caringly, for this is your pleasant memory. As you focus on the incomplete areas, look at them with an attitude of wonder. See what comes up from the incomplete areas. If another related image arises, notice its content, and then focus on any incomplete areas, and see what comes up this time. Keep repeating the process…