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David Filippone

    I’m posting the introduction to Michael’s post above taken from the Center For Creative Inquiry Facebook page. See below:


    You might imagine bricks are like thoughts, putting together stories, building a structured reality… the way we think we know how things are, shaped by our opinions, and presumptions. Rinpoche often writes about ‘how’ we have a hand in building up our world… for instance he says…

    “Thoughts structure experience by ‘building up’ reality. Together with their content, they communicate the substantiality of that content—a sense of persistent qualities and independent ‘presence’: a special kind of ‘mass’ that exerts its own gravitational pull. This gravitational force in turn shapes what appears ‘to’ and ‘through’ the mind in ways that structure the whole, conforming to the established order.”
    … ‘Dynamics of Time and Space,’ by Tarthang Tulku, p. 53

    It so happens, we have the ability to see through the brick walls of our put-together world-view—by examining the bricks. Michael Gray’s Blog looks at this… as a way to open or deconstruct our fabrications… Why? Well… perhaps by opening the present, we could allow for a less confining, ‘bricked-in’ future based on brick-like projections… which might in turn, accommodate a future of unthought possibilities… if we care enough to inquire…

    AT THE LINK… Continue reading…