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David Filippone

    I wanted to post here the original CCI Facebook intro to Michael’s post above, from this link:


    “We do know that on some level and in some way time passes; that present will pass into past; that memory will fail us; that the time that arises as present will soon enough be gone. But this is knowledge from the outside; knowledge of time as a phenomenon that we observe rather than a truth that we live. Can we truly claim to know present time through such a knowledge, which takes form only with the passing away of time?”
    ….’Dynamics of Time and Space’, by Tarthang Tulku, p. 78

    Author and long-time TSK student, Michael Gray, sees the writing on the wall… constructed, partitioned, and closing… a wall is a curious metaphor separating the ins and outs of subjective living, forming the unformulated into meaningful messages to share with others… time unfolds, but as with ‘listing’, we limit, and thus may miss the essence of the movement… on the other hand, were we to embody impermanence… we invite the vitality of living by focusing on the unshaped possibilities of the future.