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David Filippone

    Several months ago I posted on this forum about our TSK Study Group discussions regarding noticing the seemingly simple, humble moments, and the importance of appreciating them, as a way into that ability to dwell in knowingness.  I quoted a section from the book, ‘Keys of Knowledge,’ in which Rinpoche points out HOW.  It is a simple, but profound pointing out. from Chapter 4, p. 96-99.


    What Rinpoche seems to be saying, as he does in the above post, appreciation which springs from love and caring, that is pre-verbal, prior to the arrival of ‘I’, ‘me’, and ‘mine’, and sourced from the heart of being, is a different knowing, than our ordinary way of knowing… TIME presents a different knowing as Great Space allows. Rinpoche writes: “Simple appreciation for time and its presentations, free from the demands of need, is itself knowledge.” Read more at the link: