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David Filippone

    Reading ahead in KTS, Chapter 18, Motion of Time, p. 83, regarding Time’s ‘different knowing’, Rinpoche uses a couple of helpful descriptors that might help us to recognize this different knowing when it suddenly appears. In a TSK Group meeting I desperately tried to describe sitting under the maple trees reading SDTS, just sitting with a paragraph for a half-hour or more, just allowing whatever might arise. And intermittently Time’s ‘different knowing’ seemed to reveal.  Rinpoche writes:

    The motion of time’s rhythm is not tied to things or structures, nor is it abstract. The sense of time’s rhythm is awake within us; if we stay with this sense, not applying models or engaging the ordinary appearance of objects, we notice within time’s rhythm a specific embodying, a movement without movement, somewhat like floating.

    For the ‘logos’ of the temporal order, this movement can be thought of as too ‘slow’ to observe. But for the frozen world of substances that the temporal order establishes, the motion of time’s rhythm (and the interactions it leads to) are on the contrary incredibly fast, like the ceaseless motion of particles in the subatomic realm.

    The ‘bystander-outsider’ can only regard the motion of time’s rhythm as entirely inaccessible, its speed something from another dimension. Human experience cannot grasp it; conceptual models cannot make sense of it.”

    While the chapter may seem dense to read, the description does resonate. On page 85 at the top of the page he writes:

    Internally, however, rhythm comes ‘before’ the ‘logos’, whirling the points of measured time and space into being, ‘establishing’ the ‘logos’ and its ‘order’. ‘Points’ express the rhythm through which they arise and which sustains them. First they emerge from the ‘body of energy’; only second do they conform to the ‘order’ of the ‘logos’.”

    The point being made here is, you can experience [glimpses of] times different knowing… and when you recognize this different knowing in your every day experience, it changes everything.