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David Filippone

    Here is the introduction to Michael’s post above from the CCI Facebook page:

    Author Michael Gray has written another Blog, which in this case is a bit different. He writes as if from a deaf perspective. And when he first shared it I couldn’t help but think of the silence between all the ‘things’ that music involves; notes, rhythms, melody, sounds of accompaniment, crescendos – all the ‘things’ that silence allows… And then I thought of all the minding-activities—those minding ‘things’ that seem to fill the silent space of my knowing… thoughts, feelings, emotions, sensual input, nearly continuous conceptualizing in pursuit of meaning. And sometimes, a glimpse, when the ‘mind-things’ cease for the tiniest of an instant, it is possible to intimately see ‘through’ my ordinary way of knowing… as we say in TSK terms, to know the knowing…

    Please read Michael Gray’s Blog [above] entitled, ‘A Deep Silence Beckons’…