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David Filippone

    Here is the introduction to Michael Gray’s post from the CCI Facebook page:

    Author Michael Gray has written a new Blog, or might I say, an ‘allegory’ for our time. He begins: “If I was a river, and I’m not saying I’m not, I would thread my way through all obstacles. Without them, I could not continue my journey.” Later, he relates:

    “I remember the countless times I rode on high winds across deserts and fields of grain towards distant mountains, until those craggy peaks, as if replacing the open sky out of nowhere, were suddenly there, reaching up and pulling me into falling rain; and in no time, I was falling and gathering and joining, until there I was, rushing down a steep rock face in a mounting torrent.

    It seems that these days those journeys are shorter, puddle jumping jaunts that are over almost as soon as they begin. Gone are the gentle invitations of the Sun, calling us drop by drop into the arms of the wind, to begin a leisurely stroll across the sky.”

    Continue reading Michael’s allegory on relatedness and ecology of fire and water, [above]: