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David Filippone

    Here is the introduction to Michael Gray’s post from the CCI Facebook page…

    Author Michael Gray has penned a new Blog that seems to fit with an ending year, and tracking back in time asking, “How Did I Get Here?’ What a sobering question! How beautifully written is his Blog… it seems like a dream to the character speaking… life… time slipped away right under my nose. And as it goes, in a self-induced spell, I can’t help but focus on the past, because the present seems always just too frightening to face… Could it be a story of our life? Rinpoche writes:

    “The quality of our knowledge proves itself in the quality of our lives. A knowledge constructed of concepts that identify and manipulate pre-established structures yields a world that is crowded, rigid, compressed, and impenetrable. Human suffering is built up in layers of increasing solidity, each layer a further misreading of a fluid dynamic… The limited knowledge that confines us in this way is shaped and confined in turn by limited space and time… If we could somehow open space or time, knowledge would become available in a new way. We could move out of the narrow angle in which we have been wedged to explore [more] space… We could reach out to know knowledge directly… No longer confined like an animal in its pen, we could start to live a richer way of being. “

    “By devoting ourselves fully to knowledge, we may be able to direct the course of change, so that time and space do open and insight flows freely, supporting a deep sense of well-being. Yet unless the underlying structure imposed on time and space and knowledge is transformed, such change may be temporary: as though the angle that confines us widened for a time before narrowing once more—settling into a new but just as confining ‘order.’ We are used to knowing within a system or ‘order.’ Most often we imagine that the ‘order’ has always been in operation, not recognizing that this ‘always already there’ is an aspect of the knowing that the ‘order’ permits and embodies.”
    …’Knowledge of Time and Space,’ by Tarthang Tulku, p.287-89 [Emphasis added]

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