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David Filippone

    Came across this when I was thinking about how would one go about locating knowledge in an individual, or if knowing is even locatable at all? Positioning of a knower may have nothing to do with it. Beginning on page 55 of ‘Keys of Knowledge.’ Rinpoche asked:

    So at what point does knowing occur? If I point to a point called ‘the point of knowing,’ is knowing found at that point? Or in the pointing?

    …Knowing in time may render all knowledge translucent: for it seems at the heart of time, the entire edifice is shimmering. What is knowledge at this moment?  If knowing knows no borders, it cannot be located, limited or measured. Never created or discovered, it can never be lost.

    …It is not about looking at a picture. The realization, the revelation, and the recognition are together. Seeing, being, and doing are one.

    The discovery of the nature of mind may be nothing other than the operation of knowing beyond all grammar.

    And in the end ‘showing’ and ‘shining’ may have much in common.

    I think this is pointing back to Rinpoche’s first quote at the beginning of this entire thread. About how important it is to recognize Knowingness when it is exposed momentarily in our lives. The world begins to open exponentially…