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David Filippone

    When I first posted these practice notes, my fellow student at the time, Caroline Sherwood, asked the following:

    “I’m particularly interested in the wormholes. What happens if we go into those…and into those…how far down the worm hole can we go, and if we do, what do we find, and who are ‘we’ when we get there?”

    I responded…

    Thanks Caroline.
    You got me thinking about these interesting questions: If we go into them, ‘how far down the worm hole can we go?’  When I remembered focusing into the ‘wormhole’, what was blank or dark just suddenly opened, so it wasn’t like I was traveling any distance, like going ‘down’ a tunnel, but conventions of language have me speaking in those terms.

    Another thought about ‘distance’ brought up the idea of sequences, such as how many wormholes could I focus upon that would open that summary memory of sitting on the beach in the sun, as opposed to opening some other context entirely? I realized I had abandoned the sense of distance as focus just seemed to open itself as additional impressions seemed to bubble up to a fuller awareness. And I think ‘intent’ was an unseen, almost ethereal thread that kept the focal awareness opening into the widest context of that summary memory. I don’t know how many times I could have fruitfully focused into those wormholes.

    I also was wondering about your question if we do repeatedly ‘go down’ the wormhole, so to speak, ‘who are ‘we’ when we get there?’ I think TSK would suggest we are the open witness that is followed in time by an ongoing tendency that consolidates and organizes impressions.