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David Filippone

    Here are additional quotes I feel relate to the ‘edge of the Future’ experience, where the not-known informs the known, or the zeroless feeds the zero-point, [the space between thoughts] from the book, ‘Searcher Reaches Land’s Limits’, volume I, by Richard Dixey, Chapter 32, p. 392-3 [Emphasis added]

    Liberation lies in allowing thoughts to come and go, but in coming and going to see where they arise and where they stop.”

    Page 176, PARAGRAPH 1 [Revelations of Mind]: Within this structure, every perception or thought must have a beginning and an end, a ‘head’ that is pointing toward what is coming up and a ‘tail’ as the perception or thought gives way, allowing another perception or thought to come up. We find ourselves asking: What was before the identity and recognition that brought us this thought or instant of perception? There must have been a before, but it is unknown. What comes after this perception or thought ends and the next one has not yet been identified and recognized? This ‘after’ is also unknown.

    “As long as we have the ego within its nama-rupa [name and form] bubble, we can never find out what came before and what comes after. After all, the ego is a product of this nama-rupa bubble. This bubble is the relative truth, and underlying it is another process altogether, which we could call the absolute truth. That’s why from within the nama-rupa bubble we can’t tell what came before or what came after.

    What’s really happening is this: an initial sense impression arises to the receptivity of mind and puff—we get a bubble. That bubble collapses. Then there is just the receptivity of mind. Then another sense impression arises and puff, we get another bubble. But before and after the bubble of consciousness, the receptivity of mind is visible. That’s what we can’t see from the perspective of the bubble. If we could find that, we would see the actual mind itself, the readout-maker hidden away underneath the process of a projected world.”

    PAGE 176, PARAGRAPH 2 [Revelations of Mind]: Mind as we experience it is thus linked to identity. Before identity, we cannot recognize the existence of anything, not even ourselves. So we might also ask, where are we before we exist, before identity has summoned the subject into being and labeling has given it the name of ‘I’?

    By holding your attention on the beginning of things, you are asking the most fruitful question there is to ask: where are we before we exist?”  p. 392-3  [Emphasis added]

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    No answer is really required.  Just relax and embody the openness of the inquiry… right THERE!  Is that the “receptivity of mind”… visible?