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      David Filippone

        Image: ‘Dawn’ by jonathansautter – Pixabay

        Image: ‘Dawn’ by jonathansautter – Pixabay

        Dawn dances in the mind; a perception of an instant that can lift our entire embodiment, buoyed by a blink of the eye. Everything graceful and delicious flows through the senses:  ‘Ah’, the humble moment:

        by Ken McKeon

        Walked the field of stars,
        Walked through the mind,
        And the hold of time,
        Released me like a cloud-
        A cloud seen high in the ranging hills-
        Releases itself, opens itself to
        Form, vapor, space alone,
        What note would sound
        To bring it back again,
        High or low,
        Soft, loud?
        I doubt if I could voice it,

        But someone else might,
        Someone young, and stretching,
        Lifting her touching hands
        Over her head,
        One foot touching the earth,
        The other, the inner thigh,
        Her eyes open,
        Her balance,
        Sure, easy, smiling,
        Laughter lifts her lips,

        The day is born,
        As her hands arc
        Gently to her sides,
        And she conceives to say,
        Just as I think to say,


        And one vast cloud forms
        To shower down
        The open radiance of the dawn.

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