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      David Filippone

        Photo: ‘Felt Light, Honey Sweet’ by jplenio – Pixabay


        by Ken McKeon

        Doubled over, the twin take,
        The scaling of heights
        Without a ceiling in sight,
        Then the falling down to lows
        That have no floor at all,
        Where’s balance to be found there?
        On each rung up?
        Each rung down?
        Well chutes and ladders,
        All in play today,

        I look to the spine,
        To the low notch
        In the skull’s back,
        I juice it with a rub,
        Then roll whatever sign of life is there
        Down the backside
        Like a ball of golden light,
        Warm light,
        Honey sweet,
        Syrup drip
        Down to the tip,
        Then guide it up the front
        With a mantric boost,
        Keep going,

        When the right mood strikes
        Like a well struck bell,
        A form shows
        As a loop of light,
        Felt light
        Flowering upwards, downwards,
        Inwards and outwards,
        All directions light,
        No way to miss it,
        Nothing else to do or be,
        Entirely light,
        Entirely weightless,
        Then as a veil of light born raindrops fall,
        You’ll find yourself going on about your day.

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