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      David Filippone

        [Photo: Cape May Point NJ by Deirdre McMenamin Bloomfield, Photo: Sunset Beach 9-28-21]

        When something beautiful stops you in your tracks, what is happening? When I look closely at that kind of experience, the ordinary continuous train of thought in which I am engaged, ceases… mental space becomes momentarily open. It feels as though my whole being is united with the ‘beautiful’ event. For example, Richard Dixey, writes in his book, ‘Searcher Reaches Land’s Limits II’…

        “Numinous experiences one has with great works of art, music, or architecture—works that almost glow beyond the physical—capture this quality of Understanding [what allows us to see what we’ve previously overlooked] better than any words. When you spend time with great works of art, time stops. It’s almost as if they don’t belong in history. That’s because they are coming from a place prior to history and concept. In exactly the same way, we are not of the world that is displayed to us, but we forget ourselves in our moment-to-moment world making.” p. 61

        “[This kind of] Understanding… is the direct expression of our own knowing prior to [our] inferential construction of the world. It is subtle, quiet, but totally pervasive… Just by allowing ourselves a moment to acknowledge it has enormous consequences. We are relying on Understanding.” p. 60

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