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      David Filippone

        [Photo: ‘Rhythms of Time’ by dimitrisvetsikas1969 – Pixabay ]

        The Rhythm of Time…

        This exercise can be extraordinary, if allowed a full and open hearing. I put the song on repeat, again and again, as if returning to the watch on my wrist, checking the moments…the song is called ‘I Concentrate On You’, but in the exercise, we concentrate on TIME.

        I would describe this smoky-misty piece as basso-nova, a sensual mix of samba and jazz…but while the drums keep (found) fundamental time, this is primarily a magical dance between piano [right and left hand], and the bass. A cursory listening, like a remembrance is merely a summary, a surface reflection that will miss the depth and nuance of what will reveal if given the chance… a fair hearing. The artistry is astonishing, beginning with a simple even subtle melody and rhythm… and Oh that rhythm… that time, it has levels, currents and melodic counterpoints, [and points that counter the counterpoints], that arise, merge, depart, echo and weave a moving tapestry of sound… with an arrow toward the elevation of artistry, virtuosity, a crescendo of time’s inversions and contradistinctions… of ‘time’ and ‘space’…and ‘knowing’ appreciation… all from a simple humble melody…

        “The humble moment, when seen as time, space, and knowledge, is a target worth aiming at. It’s the vital center of the universe; if we hit it, we explode everything that prevents fulfillment, attaining everything that fulfills.” Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche, ‘Inside Knowledge‘ p.67

        Listen to this… ‘I Concentrate on You‘ · Brad Mehldau Trio

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