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      David Filippone

        Photo:  Feathers in the Sky by Jack Grahm, Cape May NJ Sep 2021


        My friend, Michael, sent me some quotes from a book he’s reading, ‘The Poetics of Space ‘ by Gaston Bachelard. I haven’t read it yet, but I like a particular quote: “Imagination is at its best when it is incarnate, elemental, opening out into time and space, even when the space is elsewhere–before being, beneath being, beyond being, more than being.

        For me the quote converged with a number of secular or non-Buddhist spiritual books by Tarthang Tulku… the six ‘Time, Space, and Knowledge’ books, also ‘Revelations of Mind’, ‘Dimensions of Mind’, and ‘Caring’. All nine of these books point to… the point the mind refreshes, which is the point of cognition, just before the word comes to you, just before the naming, where knowing not-knowing is the birth of experience… true of poetry, true of prose, true of points between thoughts and dialogue… where ‘Knowing’,  ‘Understanding’ and ‘Caring’, not born of reason or logic, ‘Dawns’ on you… The momentary beginning of everything, instant by instant…


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