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      David Filippone

      Photo: ‘Breath Time’ by abstract-studio – Pixabay

      By Ken McKeon

      I am the odd shot,
      The moon riff
      Of an unblessed night,
      A pale dream
      Pocketed by death,
      There ought to be another way,
      That’s why I climb alone,
      Toss away my phone,
      Turn my eyes to stone,

      I move internally,
      I try my spine,
      Find my mind
      Who I am,
      Find sense
      In my heart song,
      Depth in my gut,
      It’s not a chancy way to be,
      It’s better than sunlight,
      It’s an opening
      That can’t be blinked away,
      Not really,

      I am my eyes at last,
      Inner framed,
      Openly visionary,
      Sensations become planetary,
      Each breath
      The source of stars,
      I think I’ll try to ride
      The wide spread
      Enveloping of internal night
      At long last all
      The way back
      Into the sunlit day,

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