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      David Filippone

        Photo:  ‘The Ripening of the Dawn’ by ELG21 – Pixabay

        In class we were considering ‘field dynamics’, which from a TSK perspective suggests, as science tells us, ‘everything is made of fields’. Keeping that in mind as we employ our normal way of knowing, (subject engages an object), ‘I encounter things,’ but also remembering that things are NOT really solid, that they are themselves ‘fields“… that opens them up. We introduce ‘space’ into our thinking, the field encompasses not just things, but the space they are drenched in, and composed of, and this drenching relates everything to everything, and space itself.

        Instead of ignoring the FULL significance of space and merely thinking of it as distance or separation between things, we can ‘perpend’, envision, and propose, see into the permeable and insubstantial nature of ‘things’. This changes everything, rather than the solid & fixed… openness now becomes essential, boundaries are breached, and NOW, instead of the past dominating and determining the present… the present ripens from the future.

        Experience now sings, ‘Like a lover’s song of the sea at dawn’, even though our lives are laced with loss we persevere, our hearts are made of this earth and waters, knowing born of the sun glows within us, we do not want to be released from our connection to this sacred place, the love of our life… we long to be unified, fleshed-out, gathered not dispersed… hearts ‘sing’ at dawn, of the promise of possibilities ripening from the night…

        Excerpt from ‘Aubade’
        by Ken McKeon

        Orange to deepest crimson now…
        …Even loss breaks up to be
        Your song sung,
        It lifts free as your lips part,
        It is your breath,
        It the sea crown’s sway,
        And all must
        Aye to you, my loving lovely one,
        The tones of life resolve within
        The rising silence of your ways
        Though so freely sown,
        The seeds of death,
        Become the notes that spell us all,

        Effortlessly this naming of the sea
        Becomes the calming morn,
        First light, fresh breeze, the bells
        Ring, my charmed love, they bring
        To sight the sun, the scarlet, then orange one,
        The day’s light to be a diamond clarity again,
        This rounding hewed down just dawned earth loft day.

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