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      David Filippone

        [Photo: ‘Opening Field Alive with Light’ by Adrian Campfield – Pixabay]

        Ken’s poem below, and the quote by Rinpoche, evoke in me that almost granular feel at the edge of the future… the beginning of perceptual wonderland…

        “Awareness generally means to be ‘aware of some thing’ — to look at objects, to recognize, identify, and try to understand them. This is commonsense awareness. But as a living experience, natural awareness is simple and direct, open and responsive, without concepts, words, images and interpretations. Awareness takes place within the first moment, not before, and not after. It is immediate, spontaneous. There is no other ‘thing’ to obscure the moment—there is no subject or object, no time or space. All that remains is within this openness, which neither words nor concept can describe.

        There is complete freedom from our restless attempts to hold on to something, to be secure in some distraction or some trance-like fixation. There is no fear and no guilt—no desire to escape or be any other way. There becomes complete self-acceptance and generates a fresh new outlook all its own.”
        …..’Tibetan Meditation’ by Tarthang Tulku

        O ALICE
        by Ken McKeon

        I am becoming
        As pale
        As a fading memory,
        My thoughts are moth like,
        Softy winged,
        Gliding things,
        Dusk grey,
        Wonderfully out of touch with daylight life,

        At times my sense is
        I myself am such a form,
        How was I conceived, and why?
        I’d like to know,
        I gave into
        Paying close attention years ago,
        Thoughts arise, they fall away,
        So do we all,
        Mystery presides,

        Easing down into granularity
        Seems to be the right thing to do,
        Every outer surface that I’ve ever known
        Falls away into the spinning tunes
        Of inward time,
        The opening fields are alive with light,
        Cellular whispering
        Communicates a whole,
        A knowing spaciousness presides,
        Well, do drop in,
        You might have the key,
        Turn it on…

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